Pardis Alipour is an Iranian artist and activist currently based in Boston and pursuing a Master of Fine Art from the School of the Museum of Arts at Tufts University. Her artistic practice emphasizes socio-political aspects of womanhood, modes of resistance in a patriarchal society, and emerging psychological conditions as sources of emancipation. She applies technology as a philosophical apparatus representing collective living experience crisscrossed with interactive initiatives and storytelling through machine learning algorithms, augmented reality, and procedural sculpting.

Are we still dreaming under the same sky?

Digital hallucination using Machine learning and projection | 2021


"Are we still dreaming under the same sky?" is a recreation of Tehran's Grand Bazaar in response to questions about the meaning of home, agency, and spatial familiarity. I wanted to explore reimagining spaces and social structures that I grew up in based on experiential notions while deconstructing them through machine vision as an attempt to regain power and over those occurrences.

Instagram: @Itspardiss