Jorge Gomez-Gonzalez is a gay Mexican artist who was born and raised in Oakland, California. Jorge got their B.A. in Art at the University of California Santa Cruz. They are currently getting their MFA at the SMFA program. Jorge is exploring themes of their intersectional identities through makeup and recently they started to explore ways they can use pinto beans to reclaim the term “Frijolero”/ “Beaner”.

Lately I wanna Smack Some Mouths| 44” x 70”

Since I was born, my existence in this world has be policed; “Don't speak spanish because this is America”, “don’t stand like a woman”, “you're not a girl so dont play with barbies”, being told I was going to hell for holding someones hand, being called a “frijolero”, a “beanor”, a “faggot”... I can go on and on but you will get shocked and upset. You will then turn on me for wanting to educate you on my lived experiences, you will reject everything I said because you started to question whether you are part of the problem and the answer is yes, you are!


My existence is constantly weaponized, and as of recently I was accused of creating an “unsafe” space for asking a white woman not to bring a racist man to my home. I was frustrated one day and I started to listen to Frijolero by Molotov, I realized I need to reclaim being a Frijolero, but I would do it by being a sparkly frijol pinto and smack the mouths of anyone that got in my way. 

Instagram: jorge.gomez_gonzalez